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We hope you will join us and become involved in representing and empowering civil society in Australia. Fill in the online form on this page to join up.

There are several categories of membership, reflecting the breadth of civil society.
Category of Membership Annual Fee
Parents and carers; neighbours; consumers; volunteers; residents.
Voluntary associations; circles of support; sporting clubs; churches and faith groups.
Small businesses
Family farms; family businesses; social enterprises, coops and mutuals.
Schools; health organisations; community services.

We network members in each category and sub-category, exchanging ideas, generating a public voice, and shaping public policy.

We also network members through our projects, and by local divisions. And we conduct an annual Civil Society Leadership Development Program.

Membership is based on a calendar year. Membership for 2015 is invited.        


These are our current projects. When you fill in the form below, tick the projects you would like to participate in:

Circles of Support
Consumer Power
Consumer-Centred Health Care
Council of Voluntary Community Groups
Good Life Cooperative
National Community Disaster Initiative
Parents, Families and Carers
Reforming Our Not-For-Profits
Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets
Social Enterprises, Cooperatives and Mutuals
Street by Street
The Voice of Australia's Volunteers
Transforming Our Schools

Click here for information on our projects.

Local Divisions

There are 150 federal electorates in Australia, each comprising about 150,000 people. These local divisions provide a good focus for bringing members together locally. When you fill in the form below, select the name of your electorate from the drop-down menu.

In each electorate we appoint Convenors. When you fill in the form, consider offering to act as a Convenor in your electorate. This will involve working with others in your electorate to communicate to your community and your MPs that empowering ordinary people in local communities and strengthening civil society is good news and good policy.

Civil Society Leadership Development Program

This is a twelve month program for people in civil society around Australia who want to develop and exercise social leadership, that is, leadership in strengthening society and in finding solutions to social challenges.

The Program runs from March to December 2015. Places are limited.

Click here for more information.

Volunteer with Civil Society Australia

When you fill in the form below, consider volunteering through one of the three volunteer positions available. It doesn't matter where you live, so long as you have internet access.

Events Organiser - assisting in the organisation of forums and conferences
Writer - mentoring and support is available in writing news and opinion pieces on various topics
Administrative Assistant - assisting in various administrative, financial and database management tasks



Membership Form



Phone  (bh)     Phone (ah) 

Organisation (if appropriate) 



Choose one of the following four categories of membership:


 I/We would like to participate in the following networks:

            Parents, families and carers
            Voluntary associations
            Circles of support
            Sporting clubs
            Churches and faith groups

           Small businesses       
            Family farms
            Family businesses
            Social enterprise, cooperatives and mutuals

            Health organisations
            Community services

I/We would like to participate in the following projects:

            Circles of Support
            Consumer Power                                      
            Consumer-Centred Health Care                       
            Good Life Cooperative                           
            National Community Disaster Network                     
            Parents, Families and Carers
            Peak Body of Voluntary Community Groups
            Reforming Our Not-For-Profits
            Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets
            Social Enterprises, Cooperatives and Mutuals
            Street by Street
            Transforming Our Schools
            Voice of Australia's Volunteers      

My federal electorate is: 

(CLICK HERE to find out which electorate you are in.)

  I would like to offer to act as a Convenor in my electorate

I would like to volunteer in the following role:

          Events Organiser
          Administrative Assistant

Tell us about yourself and your interests (optional)



Annual Fee*

Individuals $10
Associations $20
Small businesses $30
Services $100

 *The membership fee is based on a calendar year.

Payment Options

Please accept my/our membership application and
I will send my cheque/money order to  Social Enterprise Partnerships
PO Box 159
Yarraville VIC 3013
(Cheque payable to Social Enterprise Partnerships)
I will pay by EFT transaction:



Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account name: Social Enterprise Partnerships Ltd
BSB: 062 218
Account number: 1007 2945
Please send a tax invoice.

  I would like to make a donation of  $  

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