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Membership is open to members of all political parties and members of none.

There is no cost to participate in this movement. Simply fill in the online form below.

You will need to indicate (with a tick) your agreement with our Code of Conduct.

If you wish to volunteer to act as a Coordinator in your federal electorate (there are 150 of these) please also indicate this on the form. 

The Heart and Soul of Australia

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I have the following skills:

 Community networking
 Media skills                
 Lobbying experience    
 Social media skills      
 Graphic design skills   
 Signage and posters       

My federal electorate is: 

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  I would like to act as a Coordinator in my federal electorate.

  I would like to express an interest in a position on the Commission.

  Please tick if you are currently a member of a political party.

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Code of Conduct

  • We welcome diversity of opinion with courtesy - open discussion and exchange of views in a respectful and courteous manner is required of members. Interactions which are not respectful and courteous will not be permitted.

  • We welcome diversity in ethnicity and religious allegiance with tolerance - members of all ethnic backgrounds and religious groups  are welcome, on the understanding that proselytising or recruiting for external organisations is not permitted.

  • We will develop leadership without ego - participants are invited to bring commitment and character, but are requested to leave their egos at home.

  I have read the Code of Conduct and indicate (with a tick) my acceptance of it.