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Membership Notes:

1. Membership fees are for one year from the date of receipt of payment.
2. Payment may be made by PAYPAL or by electronic funds transfer to our bank account. Details appear below. Funds are held in the name of Social Enterprise Partnerships Ltd, a registered Australian Charity ABN 47108742098.

3. If you would like to express an interest in joining the International Council of the Movement, please indicate your interest below.

4. If you would like express an interest in acting as a Convenor in your country, please indicate.

Membership Form









I/We wish to become a Member in the following category:


Membership Fee:
(membership fees are for one year from the date of receipt of payment)

Category Fee
Individual (self-funded) EU   10
Voluntary Membership Association
(Associations with individual membership which receive no external funding from state or philanthropic sources)
No fee
Funded Membership Associations
(Associations with individual membership which receive external funding)
EU   50
Federation of Associations EU 100
Philanthropic/Aid Organisations EU 150
Research/Academic Institutions EU 200

You will be sent an invoice/receipt on submission of this Registration Form.
When you submit this form, a new window will open where you may make your
payment using PAYPAL

you may make an electronic funds transfer to the following bank account

Commonwealth Bank of Australia  Account name: Social Enterprise Partnerships Ltd
BSB: 062 218  Account number: 1007 2945)

Social Enterprise Partnerships Ltd, PO Box 159 Yarraville Vic 3013 Australia

 Please tick your areas of interest:

  Family, kinship and friendship networks                        
   Household and domestic economies                             
   Neighbourhoods and informal social supports                 
  Voluntary associations, self-help and support groups     
  NGOs, charities and social enterprises                         
  Cooperatives and mutuals                                           
  Self-employment, family enterprises, small businesses 
  Religion, faith and spirituality                                      

Tell us about yourself and your interests


  I would like to express an interest in joining the International Council 
  I would like to act as a Convenor in my country

 I would like to contribute the following skills:

  Advanced writing skills              
Publishing skills                      
Web and online networking      
  Events organising skills            
                          Graphic design skills                                         
                                   Networking and coordination