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Neighbourhood Supported Living Networks are a successful model of social inclusion for people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses, vulnerable young people and others in need of supported living.

A Network consists of ten houses or flats in the same neighbourhood, within walking distance of each other. The tenth home is a residence for a Network Volunteer or Worker who lives in the same neighbourhood and acts as an anchor for the group. In exchange for free rent and utilities the Network Volunteer or Worker provides the group with support on a part-time or flexible basis. This arrangement enables the Network to build layers of support around the network members and with others in the neighbourhood.


Networks of this kind are a successful model originating in the UK and are gradually being developed in Australia.

We would like to see 50 Networks up and running around Australia very soon. Though sharing information and contacts, and working together, we can achieve this goal.

Bronia Holyoak from Perth describes the value of working together:

§"I am working in Perth, WA and I am about to embark on a project to develop the first Network here in WA. I have been informally connecting with a colleague who is a coordinator of a similar concept in Melbourne to tap into their resources and knowledge. It would be wonderful to have everyone who has experience of developing up a network across Australia come together to support the development of the networks and support and learn from each other. Setting up a new programme is a daunting prospect from new, to have a network of connections that have been through the process to support new initiatives get off the ground would be invaluable…I hope that this is something that can be coordinated from a central point, and engage with all key stakeholders.”

We would like to hear from individuals and organisations around the country interested in participating in a Network, or in supporting the development of a Network.

Further information will be posted in the members section of the Community Building National Network, including resources and contacts for people sharing this interest and wanting to work together.

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