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We are a political movement of everyday Australians aiming to represent and empower grassroots people and communities in Australian life, including:

  • families (the foundation of society but unrepresented by any broad, mainstream organisation)

  • small businesses and independent owners (the backbone of our economy and employment but ignored by governments)

  • consumers (the least organised and least vocal component of our economy)

  • people with disabilities, chronic and mental illnesses and their families/carers (the most invisible and vulnerable Australians)

  • the aged (the carriers of our accumulated wisdom but regarded as redundant and unproductive in our culture)

  • volunteers in communities (the glue in society but unrepresented in any of our halls of power)

  • individuals and communities who practice self-help (whose voices are rarely heard in public life)

Both Left and Right have ignored everyday people and social relationships in their obsession with the market and the state. Social relationships - not the market or the state - should be the prism through which we assess policy and determine the public good. This is common sense. This is the Australian tradition.

Membership - it's easy

There is no cost to join People Power. It is easy to do.

Simply fill in the form below. You will need to indicate (with a tick) your agreement with our Code of Conduct.

For the purposes of party registration, we also need a hard copy (a paper copy) of the membership form with your signature.

Just print off and fill in and return the form below, prepared by the Australian Electoral Commission. Send it in the post because we need the form with your signature.

Membership Form

If you live in NSW, we ask you to also print off and fill in and return a second form, which is for the NSW State Electoral Office (then post both forms to us).

NSW Membership Form

Please return all forms to:

The Secretary
PO Box 159
Yarraville Vic 3013


Membership Form



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Code of Conduct


  • We welcome diversity of opinion with civility - open discussion and exchange of views in a respectful and courteous manner is required of members. Interactions which are not respectful and courteous will not be permitted, and offenders will forfeit their right to participate.

  • We welcome diversity in ethnicity and religious allegiance with tolerance - members of all ethnic backgrounds and religious groups  are welcome, on the understanding that proselytising or recruiting for external organisations is not permitted. Offenders will forfeit their right to participate.

  • We will develop leadership without ego - participants are invited to bring commitment and character, but are requested to leave their egos at home. Offenders will forfeit their right to participate.

  I have read the Code of Conduct and indicate (with a tick) my acceptance of it.

  I am not a member of any other political party (please tick to declare your status)

If you have previously been a member of another political party, tell us about it.

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