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Public Commission for A New Major Party in Australia

We are a political movement of everyday Australians aiming to represent and empower grassroots people and communities in Australian life, including:

  • families (the foundation of society but unrepresented by any broad, mainstream organisation)

  • small businesses and independent owners (the backbone of our economy and employment but ignored by governments)

  • consumers (the least organised and least vocal component of our economy)

  • people with disabilities, chronic and mental illnesses and their families/carers (the most invisible and vulnerable Australians)

  • the aged (the carriers of our accumulated wisdom but regarded as redundant and unproductive in our culture)

  • volunteers in communities (the glue in society but unrepresented in any of our halls of power)

  • individuals and communities who practice self-help (whose voices are rarely heard in public life)

      We warmly invite you to join us.

We are the invisible people in Australian politics, ignored by the Two Establishments in our country - the Establishment of the Right (the big end of town, corporate power) and the Establishment of the Left (bureaucrats, public sector managers).

Both Left and Right have ignored everyday people and social relationships in their obsession with the market and the state. Social relationships - not the market, nor the state - should be the prism through which we assess policy and determine the public good. This is common sense. This is the Australian tradition.

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12 Reasons Why Australia needs our Party

Joanne Stuart

Our National Council

Lorraine Pestell


2013 Federal Election Campaign

2010 Federal Election and what it means


"Individualised learning for every child is the real Education Revolution"

Family and Small Business and Economic Ownership

"A paradigm shift in disability"

"No Australian parent - or carer - or child - will live in poverty"
Parent and Carer Living Allowance

Immigration and Asylum Seeker Policy

"Change our Politicians"
Public Governance Reform

The Parent and Carer Manifesto

National Council
Call for Expressions of Interest

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The focus of our work is the federal electorate, of which there are 150 around Australia. Each has about 150,000 people, and 100,000 voters.

Members will meet in each federal electorate (online and in person) to work locally to influence policy and opinion, through local initiatives, events, campaigns and local media activities.

In each electorate we will appoint a Convenor. When you join up, consider offering to act as a Convenor in your electorate.

My federal electorate is: 

CLICK HERE to find which electorate you are in.

We recommend this excellent article The Future of Conservatism by English philosopher and theologian Phillip Blond, written in November 2009 at the launch of the UK think tank Respublica.

Read Noel Pearson's agenda-defining statement on indigenous self-help and self-determination.

Read Peter Shergold's Devolve power to the People.

Read Tony Fitzgerald's account of what's wrong with our 'polluted politics'.

We hope you will explore our ideas and values, and reflect on the kind of Australia you want.

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