We acknowledge the significance of the natural environment to the Australian way of life, and recognizes the need for policies which protect the interests of future generations.

We also acknowledges that millions of Australians want to make practical contributions, in their home and at work, towards better environmental outcomes. The Australian suburban lifestyle of home and garden, as the centre of do-it-yourself practicality and a relaxed domesticity, remains a strong Australian ideal that is compatible with and nourishes a widespread desire to contribute towards healthier cities, sustainable development, and good custodianship of vital resources.

People Power aims to empower Australians in making these practical contributions. It also aims to protect the health of Australians and ensure that Australia acts as a responsible member of the global community.

People Power stands for

Protection of common assets (through the development of responsible strategies for the protection and management of the natural environment)
Responsible global citizenship (through action on climate change and other issues of international significance)
Healthy cities (by improving planning controls; and minimizing toxins and other contaminants in air, soil and water)
Sustainable employment (through the development and use of sustainable technologies)
Empowerment of consumers and families in active environmental citizenship (through local initiatives, responsible consumerism, protecting and preserving vital resources)
Openness and transparency in public institutions (through the development and widespread use of environmental outcomes monitoring and reporting mechanisms)
A better future for our children (through protecting and preserving vital resources for future generations)

People Power will

  • Reduce greenhouse gases through energy efficient housing and renewable energy production; improvements in transport and regional planning; and responsible forestry practices.

  • Protect the health of our cities through monitoring and controlling exposure to air, noise, visual and radiation pollution; and improvements in water quality.

  • Improve waste management through advances in resource recovery and responsible packaging; and better sewage treatment systems.

  • Stop over-development of urban areas by increasing community involvement in decisions on local planning and protecting the rights of existing residents.

  • Support household-based innovations and programs aimed at consumer and family engagement in achieving better environmental outcomes.

  • Stop urban consolidation as a response to urban sprawl and accelerate small town and regional centre development.

  • Protect the interests of future generations through careful custodianship of natural resources and the development of sustainable technologies.

People Power Environment Policy Contact : Robyn Allcock

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