The Centre for Civil Society will host a major campaign in support of a paradigm shift in public policy and community support for people with disabilities, mental illnesses and their families. This campaign will be an ongoing priority in the work of the Centre.

The campaign will be national in scope and organised in each of the 150 federal electorates around Australia. It will link together consumers and carers, disability and illness types, families and advocates - groups which have for too long been fragmented and ineffectual in influencing policy.

To co-ordinate our political influence on governments and politicians, we will organise by federal electorate across the country. In each of the 150 federal electorates, we will invite convenors to come forward and convene lobbying, campaign and media initiatives involving everyone who wants to be involved (consumers, parents, friends, siblings, advocates, support workers, service providers).

We will work to a CHARTER FOR NATIONAL ACTION (click to read the Charter). Most importantly, we will work across the disability-type boundaries that have weakened our influence dramatically (autism, psychiatric disability, ABI, physical disability, intellectual disability TOGETHER not divided.)

To participate you just need to register your interest (using the form below). We will organise online, with convenors in each federal electorate. Participants in each electorate comprise a federal electorate assembly (FEA).

Expressions of interest are invited from people wishing to be appointed as a Convenor in their electorate.

People who are not members of any political party, as well as people from various parties, are welcome to participate.


Click HERE to read the text of the Charter.


Simply fill in the online form (below). There are 150 lower house federal electorates: select the name of your electorate from the drop-down menu.

In each electorate we will appoint a Convenor. When you fill in the form, consider offering to convene the campaign in your electorate, bringing people together for local initiatives. This will involve working with others in your electorate to communicate to your MPs and your community that disability, mental health and carer issues should be at the top of their priority list.



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Comments on the Campaign are welcome and should be sent to Vern Hughes by email or on 0425 722 890.
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