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NDIS was launched in July 2013 with a promise to Revolutionise Disability Services. It's brief was to fund the supports and services needed by people with disabilities to:
  • achieve individual goals
  • become as independent as possible
  • develop skills for day-to-day living
  • participate in the community
  • work and earn money

Seven years later, it is apparent that NDIS requires significant reform if it is to achieve its stated goals. To date it's implementation has been characterised by:

  • Excessive bureaucracy and red-tape and insufficient flexibility
  • Top-down centralised approaches to preparation of individual plans
  • Lack of person-controlled technology to assist participants to self-direct
  • Disregard for family carers as the primary unit of care for most NDIS participants
  • Fears that Local Area Coordination will repeat the old supply-side fragmentation
  • Too little financial transparency in the pricing/costs of the scheme
  • Concerns that small support organisations are disadvantaged in relation to big providers
  • Insufficient recognition of peer and mutual supports and networks
  • Inadequate support for people with mental illnesses
  • Doubts over the financial viability of an uncapped scheme and fears of service rationing

NDIS is in grave danger of becoming a bigger, more expensive version of the old provider-centred, disempowering disability industry.

Below is a package of 15 measures for reform of NDIS that have arisen from the deliberations of people with disabilities, families and friends, support organisations, researchers and policy makers over the past two years, facilitated by Civil Society Australia.

This package of reforms can prevent NDIS from becoming a re-badged version of the old provider-centred disability industry.

However, governments will only reform the present course if they realise that people with disabilities, families and friends, and our support organisations want a different direction. Because governments usually only listen to service providers, they will ignore everyone else unless our public voice is too loud to ignore.

Our Grassroots Campaign

Our campaign to reform NDIS is based on activity in each of the 150 federal electorates in Australia. Our aim is to influence each politician in Canberra to press for implementation of our 15 reforms. We will campaign in the 2019 federal election to shape this outcome.

People with disabilities, families, friends, support organisations, community groups, services and policy makers are invited to participate in this grassroots campaign to ensure NDIS delivers on the promise to Revolutionise Disability Services.

CLICK HERE to become involved. A campaign coordinator in each electorate will work with participants to influence their local MP's actions.

Fixing NDIS National Conference

Our National Conference on Fixing NDIS was held on 3-4 September 2018 in Melbourne.

The outcomes of the conference will be implemented throughout 2019. Please get in touch if you would further information on these plans.

Our Steering Committee

A National Steering Committee directs this Campaign. The members of the Steering Committee are:

Brooke Ayton, Occupational therapist, support coordinator, Primary and Community Care Services, Thornleigh NSW
Interests: mental health, person-centred care, service gaps between health and disability


Rebecca Anderson, Person with disabilities, user of mental health services, parent of daughter with disabilities, Perth WA
Interests: micro-business, employment supports, welfare reform, autism, family support


Susan Ball, Author, fundraiser, parent of a deceased daughter with a rare disability, Brisbane QLD
Interests: honorary life member Access Arts, philanthropy, fundraising


Trevor Carroll, Chair, Asia-Pacific Region, Disabled Peoples International, South Morang VIC
Interests: advocacy, justice for people with disabilities, organizing the voices of people with disabilities


Marilyn Chaseling, Parent of a daughter with disabilities, Associate Professor in Education, Southern Cross University, Ballina NSW
Interests: accountability in organizations, family-directed supports

Simon Clough, User of mental health services, Assistant Manager, Brook Red (mental health services provider), Brisbane QLD
Interests: mental health, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, housing solutions, grassroots campaigns

Margo Croyle, Nurse practitioner and carer for deceased husband with MND, Maitland NSW
Interests: health, degenerative illness, family support, advocacy


Sue Fowles, Service Manager in mental health community team, Wonga Park VIC
Interests: mental health, services reform


Sue Gillieatt, Social work researcher, teacher and evaluator, Curtin University, Perth WA
Interests: disability, mental health, intergenerational relations, care and caring


Ann Greer, Parent of two people with disabilities, Project Officer, Community Connection, Townsville QLD
Interests: community inclusion, circles of support, family support


Vern Hughes, Parent of two people with disabilities, Director, Civil Society Australia, Yarraville VIC
Interests: family support, empowerment of families, community inclusion


Joy Innes, Parent of an adult with disabilities, Founder, Penrith Association of People with Disabilities, their Families and Friends, Penrith NSW
Interests: community inclusion, family support


Tony Jones, Advocacy Services Manager, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, Sydney NSW
Interests: research, policy, ex-adviser to NSW MP


Mary Laird, Parent and carer of a daughter who has survived two strokes, retired nurse in mental health and ABI, Townsville QLD
Interests: advocacy for those who fall through the cracks, supported housing solutions


Catherine Lappin, Registered NDIS provider, Thinking Outside the Box, Geelong VIC
Interests: mental health, participant in the Barwon trial site, small business provider


Chantel Leverett, Parent of an 8 year old NDIS participant, Adelaide SA
Interests: recognition of families, family support, accountability in organizations  


Hilary Maloney-Hayward, Worker in the disability sector, from support work to service manager, Redland QLD
Interests: self-managing clubs of people with disabilities, transport, participant in NDIS transition planning


Mick McIntyre, Paraplegic and Case Manager, Disability SA, Paralympian, Regency Park, SA
Interests: brain injury, spine injury, mental health, housing, kayaking and canoeing


Tracey McKenzie, Social worker with lived experience in mental health, Green Valley NSW
Interests: family preservation and child protection, mental health, drugs and alcohol


Megan McQueenie, Grandmother of two people with disabilities, ex-CEO, Mental Health Foundation of Australia, Alphington, VIC
Interests: support groups in mental health, 32 years in mental health reform advocacy


Judith Moyle, Lecturer in Social Work, Deakin University, Behavioural Counsellor, Melbourne VIC
Interests: disability, support groups, complex behaviours, family support


Neil Nicholl, Child psychologist, Pennant Hills NSW
Interests: education, autism, developmental delays

Kylie Nicholson, User of mental health services, Founder, HOPE Network, Toowoomba QLD
Interests: mental health, suicide prevention, homelessness, support groups



Samantha O’Halloran, Wife, carer and NDIS navigator for husband with chronic illness and disability, Mt Colah NSW
Interests: community, family support, social media, volunteering, fundraising



Dale Reardon, Person with visual impairment, Founder, My Disability Matters online club, Hobart TAS
Interests: member NDIS Advisory Council 2013-2017, online communities


Jessica Revill, Parent of an adult with disabilities, Educational psychologist, Sydney NSW
Interests: education for students with disabilities, empowerment, organizing the voice of the disability community


Sally Richards OAM, Parent of a son with disabilities, Founder Getting a Life Community, Canberra ACT
Interests: family-based innovation, microboards, intentional communities, housing solutions


Penny Shipton, NDIS participant, Former nurse and police officer, Crookwell NSW
Interests: advocacy, media campaigns, family support


Wendy Simpson, Researcher on families and disability, parenting and families sector, Perth WA
Interests: family carers, siblings of people with disabilities, family relationships


Barbara Ward, Chair, SHARE Learn for Life, ex-CEO, corporate and charity sector, Hurstville NSW
Interests: health, fundraising, community impact, volunteering

Judy Webb-Ryall, Advocate and Co-ordinator, Stroke and Disability Information, Newcastle NSW
Interests: Stroke prevention and
survival, advocacy, co-ordination of supports


Vvonne Werner, Parent and Assistant Manager, Disability Macarthur Family Support and Care, Windsor NSW
Interests: family support, respite, community inclusion


Paul Wildman, NDIS navigator for a close friend with disabilities, Adult educator, The Kalgrove Institute, Brisbane QLD
Interests: policy design, adult education, learning circles, empowerment

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Our 15 Reforms to NDIS

 1      Participants' Plans
 2      Participant-Controlled Information Tool
3      Local Area Circles and Networks
4      Registered Providers of Supports
5      Register of Profiteering Providers
6      Monitoring and Protection of Self-Direction
    NDIS Board and Advisory Council
8      Election of 50% of NDIS Board by Participants
9      Control of Superannuation Costs
10    Control of NDIS Mission Creep
11    Participant-Driven Employment Assistance
    Small /Micro-Business Development Grant
   Family Support Entitlement
14    Peak Body Voucher for every Participant & Family
15    Dropping the Pretence to being an 'Insurance Scheme'

A full description of these 15 measures and their rationale is available here.

CLICK HERE to comment on the reforms.

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This Campaign is auspiced by Civil Society Australia.