Charter for Action on Disability

People Power in Victoria will run a major campaign in support of people with disabilities and their families until the next Victorian state election in November 2006.

The campaign will be based around our Charter for Action on Disability. CLICK HERE to read the text of the 10 point Charter. 

to download a copy in .pdf format.
(NOTE: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf file. CLICK HERE to download a free copy.)

People Power will allocate its preferences in the next state election according to how the Victorian Government and other political parties measure up on the 10 points in this Charter.

Our message is that disability and carer issues will be ignored by political parties at their peril in the next
Victorian election.


Simply fill in the online form (below). There are 88 lower house electorates in Victoria: select the name of your electorate from the drop-down menu.

In each electorate we will appoint a Charter for Action on Disability campaign co-ordinator. We will aim to get each MP to push for implementation of the Charter, and we will monitor the efforts of each MP in doing so (as well as their parties). 

When you fill in the form, consider offering to co-ordinate the campaign in your electorate. This will involve working with others in your electorate to communicate to your MP (and your community) that disability and carer issues are important enough to determine the outcome of the election. 

Our target is 100 people in each of the 88 electorates playing a role. That would be 8,800 people which is a fair bit of People Power.



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Comments on the Charter and the campaign are welcome and should be sent to Vern Hughes by email or on 03 9326 4481.