The Centre for Civil Society supports a major investment of resources in the support of the most vulnerable Australians.

But where will the money come from? Answer: from a massive redirection of resources from corporate welfare to human welfare.

Because of Australia's bi-partisan tradition of corporate welfare, where both Establishment parties allocate taxpayers' money to corporates who say they need it, the true extent of business welfare in our country has been rarely scrutinised or publicised. Most Australians would be shocked by the extent the handouts to big business by both federal and state governments.

As Australia and other countries grapple with the impact of the global financial crisis, a wave of puzzlement initially greeted the decisions of governments to bail out financial institutions and then shore up corporates affected by their profligacy. That puzzlement has now given way to a disbelief and increasing anger at the entrenched double standard that runs through the structure and culture of government, namely:

It's time to break the silence.

We invite comments and suggestions about how we can develop a major campaign to wind back corporate welfare in Australia and redirect public resources to public interests.

Handout When
Our Money ($million) Winners

Subsidies to car manufacturers

Feb 04 2009


Auto company shareholders in
Japan and the USA

Commercial property construction investment Jan 24 2009 $2,000 Property developers
Free emission permits to coal-fired electricity generators Dec 08 2008 $3,900 Big carbon emitters
Car dealer finance guarantee Dec 05 2008 $2,000 Car dealers
GMH 4 cylinder car manufacture Nov 01 2008 $149 US car corporation


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